Cardetheis Cillan

First Minister of the Arktean League, Psion


Vigor 6, Instinct 4, Reason 6

Endure (v): 1
React (I): 1
Resist (Reason): 2

Athletics (Vigor): 0
Haggling (Instinct):
First Aid (Reason):
Sense Danger (Instinct): 1
Battle (Reason):
Stealth (Instinct):
Deceit (Reason):
Aim (Vigor):
Counsel (Reason): 1
Discern Truth (Instinct): 1
Orate (Reason): 1
Sway (Instinct):
Etiquette (Reason): 1
Loremastery (Reason):
Meditate (Reason): 1

Clairsentience (I): 0
Metacreativity (Reason): 0
Psychokinesis (V): 2
Psychometabolism (V): 2
Psychoportation (I): 1
Telepathy (Reason): 0

Secret of Psionic Training
Secret of the Invisible Hand
Secret of Psychic Contagion
Secret of Psionic Persistence
Secret of Psionic Effect
Secret of Psionic Power (Molecular Agitation)

Key of the House
Gain 1 XP every time your character does something to benefit her
Gain 2 XP every time she does something to benefit her house that
causes her discomfort or inconvenience.
Gain 5 XP every time she acts to benefit her House at the great risk
of her body, reputation, or wealth.
Buyoff: Act against the interests of one’s House.
(I really want to adjust this one to Key of My House seeing I’m the
head of my house, but that I’ll do when I’m less tired. The 1xp I’d
not change)

Key of Power
You don’t even care what you do with it, you just want it.
You gain 1 XP whenever you earn a boon from someone important, earn a
slight gain in prestige, or make a rival look bad.
You gain 3 XP whenever you ruin, kill, or otherwise eliminate a rival,
and improve your own position because of it.
Buyoff: Relinquish your power and position.

Key of Psionic Power
Gain 1 XP whenever you defeat or shame a rival using a psionic power
Gain 2 XP whenever you are taught or discover (not necessarily take) a
new psionic secret
Gain 5 XP whenever you complete a great or risky task using psionic

20/20 Advancements



Molecular Agitation – Target: One item, The item quickly heats up as its molecules excite.
Animate Object –
Control Body –
Telekinesis -

Suspend Animation –
Reduction –
Expansion -
Body Weaponry -
Graft Weapon -
Flesh Armor -
Chameleon -
Life Draining -
Cell Adjustment -
Complete Healing -

Time Shift –
Dream Travel –
Teleport -

Telepathic Message –
Thought Shield –
Intellect Fortress -


Cardetheis Cillan, First Minister of the Arktean League. A slender man nearing 6’ with wild silvery hair and pale eyes. As a skilled psion Cardetheis has mastered mental control over the physical and has found ways to protect himself, so he often only wears his scimitar with his fine clothing. When gearing for battle he prefers the flexible and light hide armor as well as a shortbow. He has trained to have very few weaknesses and to control situations he finds himself in. During the struggle against the Emerald, Cardetheis helped bring the islands of the Arktean Sea together and gained title of First Minister of the Arktean League for his efforts.

House of Cillan
Tower – Squat 4 story tower in Athonsport, on the isle of Adros near the Counsel of Arktean League Tower, often called “Tower of the First Minister”
Carriage – nothing fancy, symbols of First Minister and Arktean League
Household –
Crannus Blackhelm (Lead Bodyguard): Honorable, stalwart, 3rd son of prominent figure
Dobb (Bodyguard): Cunning, family of no particular import, loyal in his own way, keeps friends of less repute
Padrick Azure (Page): First son of Patroclus Azure, Lord of Azure Bay, 12
Fierman Foss (Head of household): Originally a small-time but shrewd and relatively successful merchant from Medessa or thereabouts in the north, his business was devastated by the war, during which, as an educated man of some means, he served as an officer. Having lost his whole livelihood and household, however, after the war he returned with you to Athonsport and you appointed him as your steward due to his high intelligence and good character.
Pym (Cupbearer):
Stable Master
2 other servants

Cardetheis Cillan

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