Secrets and Keys


Philosophy of Psionics

The discipline of Psionics makes use of Vigor, Instinct, and Reason to exert supernormal control over body, mind, matter, energy, space, and even time. Psionics is divided into six different Abilities, two for each of of the three Pools. Psions (practitioners of Psionics) aim to master one or more of these Psionic Abilities. Psions are usually either “wild talents,” that is to say, characters whose powers are the result of recessive genes or psychic accidents and whose powers tend to manifest spontaneously during puberty, or students of secret organizations that train extensively in meditation—or sometimes both.

The Laws of Psionics

There are a few laws that are always in place, unless a Secret alters them, when using Psionics.

  • The target of a psionic effect must either be the manifester, or something or someone the manifester is touching.
  • Only one target can be affected with a psionic effect.
  • A psionic effect is either instantaneous or lasts one hour.
  • Every psionic effect done to a target can be resisted, if the target desires. Usually, a Resist ability check is done by the target opposing the player’s ability check with her character’s psionic ability.

Psionic Abilities: The six Psionic Abilities are Clairsentience, Metacreativity, Psychokinesis, Psychometabolism, Psychoportation, and Telepathy.

Clairsentience (I) represents the character’s powers of extra-sensory perception. Its uses include psychometry, remote viewing, and other forms of paranormal information gathering.

Metacreativity® is the ability to shape ectoplasm from the Astral Plane into form and matter. It can be used to create substances and items seemingly out of nothing.

Psychokinesis (V) encompasses the supernormal control of matter and energy by means of the mind alone. It is most often used to move objects without physically touching them.

Psychometabolism (V) represents the character’s supernormal mental control over his own body. It can be used to neutralize diseases and poisons, heal damaged tissue, and temporarily improve strength, speed, and other physical qualities.

Psychoportation (I) is the ability to move oneself or an object through space and/or time by paranormal means.

Telepathy® represents a character’s ability to mentally contact, influence, and even control other characters.

Psionic Secrets

Secret of Psionic Training. The character has undergone extensive training in the use of his psionic abilities. He may buy an unlimited number of bonus dice using points from his relevant pool when using any of his Psionic Abilities.

Secret of the Invisible Hand
Normally, your character must touch a target to affect it with psionics. With this Secret, she can affect any target she can see or have the effects of her psionics occur anywhere she can see. Cost: 1 point from the associated pool.

Secret of Psychic Contagion
Normally, your character’s psionics affects one target. You can spread her effects over a group of targets by spending points from the associated pool.

  • A small group of targets (around 5) can be affected for 1 point.
  • A large group of targets (25 or less) can be affected for 3 points.
  • A crowd of targets (100 or less) can be affected for 6 points.
  • A horde of targets (all that the caster can see) can be affected for 10 points.

Secret of Psionic Persistence
Normally, your character’s psionics can last for a maximum of one hour. With this Secret, you can extend the duration by spending from the associated pool.

  • For 1 point, you can extend until sundown (or sunrise if used at night.)
  • For 3 points, you can extend until the end of one moon phase (end of the week).
  • For 6 points, you can extend until the next new moon (end of the month).
  • For 10 points, you can extend until one complete sun cycle (either solstice).

Secret of Psionic Effect
You can increase the success level of a successful psionic ability check by 1. Cost: 1 associated pool point.

Secret of Psychic Sympathy
If your character has an item of the target she is attempting to affect with psionics, you gain a bonus die on your ability check.

Improvising New Psionic Secrets

During the course of a game, a player or the Story Guide may want to expand what can be done with psionics. The Story Guide and player may work together to expand the usage of psionics with new Secrets. The Story Guide needs to determine whether the usage is permissible in her campaign and how powerful it is. Using that, a new psionics Secret can be co-written by the Story Guide and player to fit the new usage. In order to create a new Psionic Secret, the character needs to either spend much time in Meditation, or hunt down a source of learning the new Secret.


Powers are defined usages of Psionics, crafted by players or Story Guides. When a character manifests an effect with psionics that she would like to do again in the future, she may write up exactly how the psionics worked as a power, and then take that power as a Secret. The advantages to this are that the power costs one less pool point than it would normally. In addition, a power may be taken multiple times as a Secret in order to further reduce its cost.

Characters that do not have the Secrets that make up a power can still take the power, although they cannot make new powers that rely on Secrets they do not have. In this case, they must be taught the power by someone else. This is a good option for a character that focuses on something besides psionics, but wants to be able to manifest a few pre-defined psionic effects. If a power uses more than one ability, roll them from lowest to highest ranked ability. All must succeed, but earlier success levels do roll into bonus dice for later rolls.

Secrets and Keys

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